Sunday, March 22, 2009

Happy Spring!

Happy Spring and Persian New Year (Nowruz) to everyone! I’m getting ready to go back to my village today after a long weekend and much needed break visiting my first host family. As I walked into their kitchen on Friday, I smelled the basmati rice cooking with saffron and the greens from their garden and felt instantly at home. I spent the last few days doing errands in the big city and making rounds with the Rezayev family to their relatives eating sweets and wishing everyone “Eid shomo mubarak” for their spring festival that is kind of a mix between our Easter and Halloween (its sort of like trick or treating in that sense). Each home has a big table spread with sweets and green sprouting plants as well as an assortment of things starting with the letter ‘S’ for good luck and a mirror to spread the blessings.

I have a lot of work waiting for me back in the village. I had a theft occur this past week and although my 1st host family has been very nice and is not suspect, it feels like the right time to move to a new host family. This family will be more my own age with a young son and his bride who has a 9 month old baby (and we share a birthday) as well as a 14 year old host sister and parents of my parents age who seem generous and energetic. I’ve been getting to know them over the past few months and look forward to staying with them. Before I came here I had worked for 2 weeks without a day off since there lots of babies to catch on Sundays for some reason. My baby count is up to 8 and I officially became a baby girl named Gulsum's “gorbek enay” (belly button mother) this past week as I got to cut the umbilical cord. I’m still teaching at the school and doing a series of 1st aid lessons that I plan to expand in the summer months. My director at the clinic wants to make a health education room just for me and other community members to do health lessons in, which is really exciting. I’ve been working mainly on making lots of posters for the clinic’s birth area, setting up a resource bookshelf and getting pregnancy lessons ready that I hope to start soon with my counter-part. My hobbies have expanded and I’m actually making my own little mini-carpet. Most days I spend an hour or two making what I hope will turn out to be a little cellphone purse. Pictures to follow if my computer cooperates, inshallah! There are a few on my brother's facebook profile if you haven't check them out.

Enjoy spring and all the new life wherever you are!


allenadela said...

Hello Mary,
I just read your latest entry. I am always glad to read that you are doing well personally and doing good in general. Happy Spring to you, too! it feels like spring here in Madrid. Allen

Joel said...

Hi Honey,

Good to hear from you! I received two letters from you so far. I hope you received all the cards, letters and stickers for kids I have sent to you. Let me know about your running shoes; sounds like you need a new pair or can you buy them when you get to the big city thus avoiding mail theft?
I'm heading back to PA May 1-5 for Andy's graduation. Love you, Dad

andyC said...

Hi Sis, I'm glad to hear that things are going well. I pray that the Lord guides you on your adventures and continues to give you strength and patience as you meet new people and adapt to their culture. I'll see if I can scan the pictures you sent and post them on my facebook. We all love you so much. God Bless! Love, Andy Chuck